Pregnancy Care

“Pregnancy and Chiropractic go together like peanut butter and jelly”

            ~ Dr. Nathan

I am a dedicated and passionate prenatal Chiropractor. My training is extensive through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and Epic Pediatrics. I am also a Webster certified Chiropractor and have worked with numerous pregnant moms that present with a breech presentation. Currently I have a 92% success rate of baby taking a optimal fetal position after completing specific adjustments. I am a dedicated partner on your birth team, and have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of pregnant moms.

My very first patient as an intern while in school was a fantastic pregnant mom. This was her first encounter with Chiropractic, so we both shared common ground of firsts that day. In school before this encounter, I had studied the required course work to become a licensed Chiropractor, but had also followed my passion of working with kids and pregnant moms. I had taken over 120+ extra hours of course work related to pregnant moms and children and was prepared to help this new mom have the birth she and her little one deserved.

To this day, that passion is alive and burning within me. I continue to train with the top pediatric & prenatal doctors, and work to keep my patients informed with new pregnancy related literature.

Working with pregnant moms is an honor, and I respect each and every one. When you are in my practice, you have my undivided attention and the time you need to have your questions answered and concerns resolved.


Our practice is designed with you in mind

We have always been dedicated to helping pregnant moms, and in doing so believe that making each and every visit to our practice is as comfortable and enlightening as possible. Our dedication brings us the opportunity to serve numerous families including those expecting to add a new little one. At Thriving Families, we use specific tables and pillow supports that allow you to be comfortable as well as a specific room designed with you in mind!


On Call Pregnancy Care

Yes, you read that right! At Thriving Families Chiropractic, Dr. Nathan offers on call pregnancy care. Because I’m well aware that pregnancy can be very difficult, we have created an option for all our pregnant moms to receive on call pregnancy care.

This care includes at home care both before and during your labor. If you are planning a homebirth, we strive to keep a close relationship with your midwife.

Having this creates an opportunity for Dr. Nathan to be ready to assist in allowing baby to arrive at home if that is a part of your birth plan. Please ask Dr. Nathan or our team member for more information about this one of a kind option.


Pregnancy Plans

I know the importance of care during pregnancy because I have been able to witness first hand the impact it has had on many, many women, their birth and their new little ones.

At Thriving Families Chiropractic, we offer specific pregnancy plans because the health of you and your little ones is our passion. These plans are designed to not only save you money, but also to give you the opportunity to get the care you deserve. Call (801) 590-0600 today to schedule your initial pregnancy exam.

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