These families are Defining Better with Wall Family Chiropractic.

Defining Better is not just settling for the same old thing. It is the act of taking back control of your own health. When you and your family are empowered by having control of your health and have a knowledge of how the body is truly designed to be healthy, you are Defining Better! Everyone wants better things; a better car, better shoes or a better house, but we don’t usually concentrate on better health until something goes wrong. Defining Better is prevention, vitality and health!

I am a birth Doula and originally suggested Dr. Nathan Wall to all my clients because of his unsurpassed expertise on the needs of a pregnant woman. When I became pregnant with our fourth I went in to see him myself. He was so knowledgeable and made me so comfortable. He explained to me all the health benefits chiropractic care could provide myself and my whole family. I suffer from Lupus, Chronic Kidney disease, and rheumatoid arthritis and two of my children suffer from severe asthma. In addition to asthma my son had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. Since seeing Dr. Nathan Wall my children have been able to avoid taking daily steroids for their asthma, my son is most managing his “ADHD” without meds, and I have been able to come off all my TNF blocker meds and steroids while pregnant and remain as comfortable as possible solely on the care I receive from Dr. Nathan Wall. He was even able to turn my breech baby after just one go at the Webster’s Technique. Even my husband who was a huge skeptic of chiropractic care has emailed me saying he can’t wait to get to Dr. Nathan Wall and get adjusted when he gets home from deployment. Although all the medical benefits of his care are astounding was sets him apart from any other Chiropractor I’ve met is how much he truly cares about his patients. You know you have a great Dr on your hands when your almost two year old dances and cheers when you tell her we are going to see Dr. Nathan Wall.

Monica. W -

Dr. Nathan is an amazing chiropractor. He has helped my son who is on the spectrum in many fantastic ways. He cares about all his patients. Dr Nathan explains everything he’s doing and makes sure the parents understand. I love that I can ask him questions and he doesn’t roll his eyes because he wants to get to the next patient. My son is a totally different child since coming to this clinic and I couldn’t be anymore thankful for that as we were heading down a long hard road. I wouldn’t want to imagine what things would be like for my little guy (and myself) without the amazing work of Dr Wall.

- Cathy Horton

Dr. Nathan Wall has been a life saver for my daughter and I! My 3 year old daughter was complaining about her neck hurting and feeling dizzy! After a couple of weeks of thinking she just slept wrong I took her in to see Dr. Nathan Wall! In just one month she is feeling so much better and hasn’t complained about her neck once! I have needed care for my back since before I had my daughter, I just couldn’t afford it! I was losing sleep and using heavy sleeping pills to be able to sleep at night! I saw Dr. Nathan and he explained to me that the nervous system that is located in your spine is like your mother board for your whole body. After I saw him I started to feel so much better right away. I am now on the way to eliminating sleeping pills from my life and feel so much better! Plus with Dr. Nathan Wall’s family plan I can afford to be seen! Dr. Nathan Wall is an amazing Doctor, he is great with kids and is very easy to talk to! I am SO happy and now healthier since I found him!! He is truly THE BEST!!

- Catherine Hostetler

Dr. Nathan is great, especially with the little ones! He has been very helpful with our colicky baby.

- Amanda Willadsen

After attending a seminar my family decided that this was a good family choice to begin seeing Dr. Nathan Wall on a regular basis both my boys have ADD and ADHD we have seen huge improvement in behavior he is a kind and gentle man we enjoy seeing him I highly recommend him to any family that are dealing with behavior issues and with children with special needs.

- Regina Barnes Yager

Finally a doctor who truly cares for his patients! We appreciate you!

- Rachelle Holloway

Best care you could ask for. Spends so much time talking to you, and caring for his patients. I went to go see Dr. Nathan Wall during my pregnancy and now my little guy who was born via c-section sees him too! I will never go back to any other doctor again!

- Katya Fern Butler

Amazing. Dr. Nathan Wall is so nice. And I like how he is into helping the whole family.

- Holly Nablo

Dr. Nathan is fantastic. He worked with myself and my family of 6 at the time (8 now!!) I have searched for 4 years now and never found a Dr who is so willing to go above and beyond for his families. He is so great with children and I could see a marked difference in just the first month. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

- Ashton Kate-Harrell Wilson

My boys and I start every Saturday morning with a trip to Dr. Nathan Wall. Dr. Nathan Wall helps restore mobility that can be lost by working on cars all day. He also helps keep my boys’ immune systems healthy and strong. You can’t go wrong with my man, D-Wall!

- Bryan Knodel

Dr. Nathan Wall has gone above and beyond for our whole family since day one of care! From colic, to reflux, ADHD, to work injuries he has never turned us away even when it was after hours or days off! You won’t find a practice or Chiropractor that cares more about their patients than this!

- Brie Wallace

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